Observe.. The Balance of Nature..

Now a day we are very busy with our life going fast and we all want to have our work efficiently. sometimes we find our self in a situation where we need some time for us. I often finds villagers on the other side of highways who lives in between Nature and working in the Nature. They meditate their mind by sleeping under the open sky in the small passages of their homes and wake up in the morning with the first Sun-rays. They do their job of pastoral with goats and sheep.Still nowadays this kind of society lives in every country. 

These Societies are not a main source of economic growth for any country, but they are maintaining a balance of earth which we need. They do not need or wants to know about the first person who reached to Moon, but they finds an actual date by observing the moon from their village, where less electricity. They have their own radars and by observing the sun they find a proper time and directions.. 

Thank you so much

© Jigar Soni

Paint your Nature with vibrant colours

 Everyone is an individual and have their own thinking but when I talk about painting a Nature means our ‘Nature’. If we put nice vibrant colours in our painting, the colours first comes to our mind and then into pallet and painting. Our own ground is as much green as we keep a water level up.


Everyone has the same kind of pallet and Colours that nature gives to us. It’s s depend on us how we keep our mind with positive colours and paint our Nature. By painting others’ Nature in dull colours or analysis of their colours we should not forget that those colours we first keep in our mind that reflects on the ground of us.That everything we put those dull colours to paint others we actually first keep our mind in dullness and that shows on our faces….

Thank you So much.

© Jigar Soni