The Business of Emotions….

          Business…. Of what?. A product was always in imagination when I heard while studying. I was born in the 80’s. for the last 15 years, the print of emotions having been transferred from human to currency notes or the human transferred emotions to business..!!??. Really? We can say that emotions become products which can sell or buy..!

Painting by me. Copied from Artist JP Singhal from India.

          Entertainment is a good medium to run our life in a good way. But when I watch those reality shows that have less reality is useless. They are creating drama scenes with editing and people are forced to see that. During free time at night I usually surf my favourite channels. A one reality show that presents singing talents was going on and when anything about music on the corner I love to listen. There was a scene created for one contestant . One guy was a well known singer in his region but the show presented him like he was so poor to survive. The judges are praising all the contestants fluently without noticing any faults. They act like they feel the best performances that have never been there. The parents of contestants need to follow dramas. The way some singers cry is spending more time in scenes than singing. The notes those singers sing are not real but the way judges praising wrong notes is sad to watch!. The way they are praising and giving overconfidence to those new singers is a very poor thing. When it comes to the reality for those singers they actually found themselves with lack of performance and singing qualities. The same things happen in other reality shows too.!!  The show directors create a drama by showing the contestant’s poverty and they make money.. !!??? How shameful an act they do..?! When someone is poor and others earn money by showcasing them.?!

        At one day, I was watching one channel and there was a man on stage with some rhythmists. He kept that harmony in his voice of sadness and telling a story of elders and children. Somehow suddenly, his voice was broken at stage while telling a story about one mother and her son. There was a story of one mother who lived in an old age home. The programmer cried on stage, the audience cried, rhythmists cried and off course the viewers cried who were watching that channel. It was really a heart touching story about parents and children. I thought he gave a good message to the audience for taking care of their elders or parents. By the time I came to know that he usually takes 30,000 INR for those crying moments.. ?! Immediately after the programme he gets totally out of sadness.. 

       The theory of the business goes to the bottom. I think that without any drama creation the TV shows which actually a reality show can run on top and also those programmers can earn by giving good speeches without materialistic tears..!!! This situation I found when I went to one funeral of a relative. Their family arranged one singer to feel some heart touching moments. The singer sang a sad song and many people cried.. After that, when everyone was going home one man went to congratulate the singer..!! The man was appreciating the singer and told him that it was really nice..?!! The man forgets that it wasn’t a nice moment and the singer couldn’t reply at all.. !!

      Emotions are not the resource of business,they are invaluable and only can distribute…

Thank You So Much..

©Jigar Soni

The Light on Colourless mentality…

      From the ages, slavery is a part of human existence. In humanity, there should not be severance of slaves and kings. One society always struggles to survive their existence. They become slaves of the high society or much powerful people. There are a lot of examples of how kings killed people of the other region to become a king. I never understand  the actual reason for imperialism. It is for people or only for the attitude..?? It should not only be for the authority, it’s for the solutions. But that dark disposition continued in the imperialism. There is misuse of power and position from centuries.


watercolour by Navin Soni, Bhuj-India

      Over the years, some communities suffered a lot in the time of slavery. That can not be imagined how they survived in that period.. The blackout on the surface of mind created a lot of troubles for some people. The difference of colours was noticed from the darkness that was covered in the mind. It is always more important to observe fair than fairness.  Attempts were made to identify the colours by the psyche.Though some people from the power knew and understand the truth of tones and they supported to those communities. It is never possible to understand or know the tones in the darkness. That darkness reflected on the struggling society and they became resistant. Few of them turned into a way of crime.  

       Colours are scattered everywhere in nature. There are deep tones and light tones in every corner of the world together. That togetherness creates a beautiful world. Whenever I paint something I always put opposite colours on the palette together. I mix opposite colours and that produces rhythm to my paintings. 

      It has changed a lot in democracy where everyone lives, plays and celebrates together but still sometimes, that attitude reflects and we see protests and agitations. We hope that someday this blackout will get the sunlight on it then that will be a different world with pure vision.

      An eye has a power to see colours in the other’s eyes. It should not be use to discrimination about the colours.

Thank you so much…

© Jigar Soni


Marriage is a Friendship…

Nowadays, Marriages celebrate like festivals. Lighting, Music, Decorations, food items, dresses, ornaments, Selfies, heavy sets, special entry for couple etc. Those few days of show offs have not  much more than calmness, love, understanding, responsibilities to each other. Heavy dresses, original flower decorations for some lakhs, high quality sets, expensive catering, music for extra emotions which is everything a talk of the society for a few days. Nothing will work more than love and candour to live together. 

Painting By Navin R Soni, Bhuj-India


From month ‘Kartak’ to ‘faagan’ and ‘vaishakh’ to ‘jeth’ is the season of marriages in India as Hindu calendar. ‘Muhurta’ (the right time for Rituals) is very important for marriage ceremonies. How could the way a trend of marriages started?! Without ‘Muhrata’, transactions, decorations, food dishes.?! By Indian Mythology, evening is a good time to be married when there is twilight created on the horizons. 

In Childhood, I always got bored of attending marriage functions and told my father about that. He had only one question for me. What will you do when you get marry.?! My answer is still the same.I got bored too during solemnization of my marriage that needs to be done two times. Where first for the actual ceremony and second time for photographers.! Those few days of Regalisam has nothing more than entertainment. Nothing will come together and every couple needs to understand their life on the basis of time. What can be a real definition of marriage? I think its’ a true friendship. If a couple can’t’ be true friends then life has a lot of disappointments. In old times women had nothing to do for their life. Women had no rights and men had a misunderstanding of having authority over them? Even the word ‘marriage’ is becoming a very less important and getting divorce is a very common thing for a few silly reasons! Tuning between each other is always necessary but now, the upcoming generation doesn’t’ have much interest in going for tuning and getting married to each other!? Many of them  are not sure about whether to marry or not. The word freedom has taken it the wrong way and they use it in their own way. Believing in marriage is a big question for coming generations.Stability has a great role to maintain their own life. Life is a lesson and those different faces of it should be learnt by the time. No one has been born as self-educated.

Marriage is like two good tuned instruments that can  produce sweet music. 

Thank You So Much.

© Jigar Soni            

The clicks without cropped …

The light is a source of our vision. Naturally we see the light in yellowish or reddish tones but it has been of seven colours. By capturing this light by our eyes we can see and feel those emotions. Emotions of nature and human nature. Eyes are the main sense that capture perfect colours from nature and we can feel that colourful world.


Painting by me…

In today’s world, people have those assembled eyes on smartphones. I often goes to feel those beautiful colours in Nature. I see people gathered for enjoy and have some good time  there. Once, I went on a short trip near my town. A group was there to a picnic spot. Everyone got busy with their smartphones and cameras to capture images. Those 5 by 3 inches machines captured videos and images very smartly. After the end of the day, we get back to our bus and everyone was busy to see their phone clicks. There were more selfies than nature . I found few guys were discussing about that place and went their without assembled smart eyes. They found a beautiful place near to that spot and enjoyed by capturing with  real eyes. Everybody was wondering that why they hadn’t notice anything like that?. Do they really enjoyed or they went there to capture only photographs?!?. Some people never enjoy by being there and they get excited about taking photos and sharing later. Many of them even taking photos for their social media sites !?. They never feel where they are. Though taking photos is always precious for memories and we should have few clicks, but capturing images by our eyes are always has great remarks emotionally. An assembled eyes of smartphones has never those emotions that we get from our own eyes. Someone who visit places like this should spend one day without clicks. I am sure they will find a great pleasing moments without capturing. 

Moments and places should never captured in frames, it has a lot of uncropped images that can change our lives. 

Those dampness between eyelashes has always better emotions than assembled clicks. 

Thank you so much…

© Jigar Soni