Economy of Nature …..

The world is now depended in the economies of developed countries and Developing countries. A one should know the responsibility for his/her future, but one should also know the necessary to prevent and growth of Nature. Fast Developing countries are often being in the crisis of natural resources. Do we ever think about the growth of the country by Natural Resources in the bank.!! 

Planting Neem trees and selling its products in other countries is reasonable, but cutting some valuable trees in order to have foreign investments is one step ahead to called a poor Natural economy. Nature always requires an exchange method from us. Nature only wants to have that balance of five elements and giving us an economy of our life. Thanks so much.

Happy weekend.

© Jigar Soni

A Close Relations doesn’t need an Online Remarks

       Sometimes.. We usually spends our time with online friends and relatives. Now a day, I finds relationship between tow can be expressed more online than actual.. Lot of people try to express their feelings online to their dear ones. I often see a posts when a husband wishes his wife writing “My love” and wishes her a happy Anniversary…while she is sitting on a same sofa with him..and a wife replying immediately or later with thanking lines..!!??. What is exactly they express to each other that I can’t understand. In any relationship, whether it is with Mother, father or sister, we don’t need to explain or express to our friends those are online. A depth of a close relationship doesn’t need a remark of online friends with our dramatic posts.Wishes are good when our friends actually know the date to wish and they remember us. But getting best wishes by posting those lovely lines online for who is sitting nearer to you looks dramatic in any close relationship. Feel sorry for someone who is doing like that but, the truth is there that very few relatives are interested to see your post like that; while others may make a jock of it.Thanks. 


   Happy Sunday.

©  Jigar Soni

Paint your Nature with vibrant colours

 Everyone is an individual and have their own thinking but when I talk about painting a Nature means our ‘Nature’. If we put nice vibrant colours in our painting, the colours first comes to our mind and then into pallet and painting. Our own ground is as much green as we keep a water level up.


Everyone has the same kind of pallet and Colours that nature gives to us. It’s s depend on us how we keep our mind with positive colours and paint our Nature. By painting others’ Nature in dull colours or analysis of their colours we should not forget that those colours we first keep in our mind that reflects on the ground of us.That everything we put those dull colours to paint others we actually first keep our mind in dullness and that shows on our faces….

Thank you So much.

© Jigar Soni