helping hands better than praying hands!..

Religion(Dharma) and Destiny(Karma) are the parts of our life. A king is not the king for his presence but he becomes by his destiny. Recently, I have gone to a place of one religious community for a work.We reached there by local transport and while returning from there an elder saint offered their car to take a lift. While returning from there I found an elder saint was doing some work on canal for water source to their temple and village. There was 40 degree temperature outside. A one younger saint was with us on the car and Ac was on. A beads on his hand and memorise a name of god in mind.

Even we were looking to help and concerned about what they had to do,infect 2 men were enough there to finish that work, but a younger saint was busy with his concentration in praying to God with Beads in his hand.!?I was in question that what is right to do at that time when an elder saint was busy with working to handle a heavy pipes by some men there and his disciple was sitting in the Ac car and memorise a name of God.!!??

Thank you so much..

© Jigar Soni

Find a Network of Nature..

In daily life now smartphones are really useful to be connected with our family and friends.. At one time I went to Girnar jungle. A place that is heaven on earth.. By going into some depth, we found a large scale of trees covered with a sweet green flavour..we had few mobile phones with us and suddenly we found that there was no network coverage in our mobile phones. Therefore we were actually in the connection with Nature where we were. After roaming there in the jungle we forget to see the timings and could feel the darkness of night. We could not see a depth of 15 fits ahead. We had a campfire in small ground there. At once, I looked in the sky and I felt a whole universe connected with us. Sky covered with plenty of stars and planets.Which we can not see in the city-lights.


The Sky is an element of our ultimate thoughts, our dreams, reality etc. Our feet were grounded and concentration to see the sky. It was amazing.. we covered with a network of Nature at that time. Nothing to do there and nothing we could see near to us and a lot to see in the limitless view. When we are not in the network of our cellphones, we definitely in the network of refresh us and harmless.We should try to find a coverage area of Nature at least once a month.

Thank you so much.

© Jigar Soni 

Rain… The love of Nature.

               Sky and earth is really two ultimate elements that we see. They don’t meet anywhere but we see that horizon where we feel amazing scenes while Sunrise and sunset. Earth herself create those situations on the season of spring when sky fall in love with her. The sky uses fire element by Sun for few days and himself fallen down with rain drops on earth. I think the rain is a mixture of five elements of nature. A birth from fire element and water, becomes in the form of steam; cool down in the heights of sky and fall down on the earth in the form of rain.The most Important thing is a salted water becomes a purified water in this process.If our life is going with salinity then Nature has the ability to purify it.

Girnar in Rain

Painting by Navin R Soni

          Trees are the kids of nature. We can see grounds, jungles with green grass and trees by rain. Birth is depended on the elements of fire and water, cool down from the wind element in the sky and fallen down on the Earth.Whenever this cycle of nature is reduced due to underground of the earth, the birth ratio will automatically reduced. It is the same theory for the human being also. Thank you so much.

©  Jigar Soni.




Paint your Nature with vibrant colours

 Everyone is an individual and have their own thinking but when I talk about painting a Nature means our ‘Nature’. If we put nice vibrant colours in our painting, the colours first comes to our mind and then into pallet and painting. Our own ground is as much green as we keep a water level up.


Everyone has the same kind of pallet and Colours that nature gives to us. It’s s depend on us how we keep our mind with positive colours and paint our Nature. By painting others’ Nature in dull colours or analysis of their colours we should not forget that those colours we first keep in our mind that reflects on the ground of us.That everything we put those dull colours to paint others we actually first keep our mind in dullness and that shows on our faces….

Thank you So much.

© Jigar Soni