Reaction of “Nature”

While I felt about nature and talk about it. I find it’s not enough for me to write with sitting on a sofa which is made by a wood from the jungle. I goes to “Girnar” where I can find myself to refresh and converse with Nature.

Our mind is always dealing with others’ mind. How we act and how they react is the only thing while we living or working with each other.. May we find a place where no ugly reactions.. !??. Yes a Nature accepts everyone whether you look good or bad? Have a perfect clothes likewise trends or not. Whether you are rich or poor.!. Nature accept each and everyone with his/her condition and who they are. Nature has the same reaction for us, for birds, animals etc..


Thank you So much. Happy SUNday.

Jigar Soni.

Wind of ‘Mind’ and ‘Nature’…


As I wrote about Light previously, today I think about “wind of mind” and “wind of nature” working together.. In everyday we only deal of our mind with mankind or a mentality with different people. How many of us goes to nature and have feel a wind of nature?.! A sound … The Light, wind, ground, water and sky… All these makes a perfect picture of “Nature” and of “US”.Thanks…


Lights everywhere…

Good Morning

Mornings are always sweet with fresh waves to your thoughts whether it is of someone’s life or Nature.Our Life is Divided by lights and darkness. We try to see things when it’s dark and we don’t have electricity. But in the morning or day we can easily see the things. Usually,we don’t understand the value of vision while we have it. Can anyone see the things without opening eyes??!. Yes… Everyone..

Just wake up in the morning and see ourselves by closing our eyes.

Knowing ourselves is a best knowledge and it is without Vision but making Vision… Thank you so much. Have a happy SUNday.


Painting is Everywhere….

Dear Readers..

When I wake up in the morning, I found a silence outside, a much pure air and perfectly sung notes by Birds. Birds are very near to nature where they sing and nature responding to them, but actually they talk or converse between each other..

Oil on canvas