Love and respect to be achieved on the base of Responsibilities..

In those times when there was a lot of struggle for the old generations when our country’s power moved from monarchy(king ruling a region) to Democracy. In older times there were a lot of people believed and survived through exchange method of needs. Money was not important to survive and they lived their life sufficiently.


We all have those blank canvases to fill and make a beautiful life. For that one should take a brush, mix colours, apply on canvas and look it closely. Filling those gapes with responsibility and shouldn’t think about reward is the key to have a close relationship with nature. When we don’t think about rewards and give highlights on our responsibility, we definitely gets those rewards at the right time. Nature does it for all and never ask for it’s rights or rewards. But those gapes we create must need to fill in the future with beautiful colours and responsibilities.

Thank you so much.

Happy SUNday

© Jigar Soni

Paint your Nature with vibrant colours

 Everyone is an individual and have their own thinking but when I talk about painting a Nature means our ‘Nature’. If we put nice vibrant colours in our painting, the colours first comes to our mind and then into pallet and painting. Our own ground is as much green as we keep a water level up.


Everyone has the same kind of pallet and Colours that nature gives to us. It’s s depend on us how we keep our mind with positive colours and paint our Nature. By painting others’ Nature in dull colours or analysis of their colours we should not forget that those colours we first keep in our mind that reflects on the ground of us.That everything we put those dull colours to paint others we actually first keep our mind in dullness and that shows on our faces….

Thank you So much.

© Jigar Soni

Value of Nature is Invaluable….

While we climb the height, the most important thing we learn is equality… Everyone is equal and has their own place.. Mostly, the one is getting more height, has been  more simple and down to earth..It is way opposite that climbing the height and being down to earth. But it is the truth.Actually we found our self very little on the heel and realize the vast world of Nature. The large area of the jungle,somewhere water, lights on the leaves has a great value which is not possible to create by us.


Painting By Me.

we can have gardens in our home, small waterfalls. But the question is that, may we satisfied by those created gardens or waterfalls.. !!??  many has potential to have big gardens and make feelings like jungles and it should has some values by spending money. May one pay or fulfil the value of Jungles or Nature?!! Without a reflection of lights in the water, It can not look precious. At one time I heard the news that India’s most talented Sportsman bought a Flat of some billion rupees that was on the top floor for sea-view, Sunrise and Sunset….!!!??

Thank you So Much.

© Jigar Soni.   

Human being is always Nature seeker..

Nature is pure lover of Human being. I think Nature is human lover despite the fact that we are a Nature lover. We are more Nature sicker.. who can not live without it. We often seeking to see a green color.. whether one sees from the garden in the house or in the Nature.We see the different tones of green when Sun light spots on the Nature from Sunrise to Sunset.Sunshine in the morning of our life and some deep tones(sorrow) of Nature or our life. Reality of Life…..


Painting By Navin R Soni (Bhuj)

While climbing some height of mountain Girnar I feel that a place of taking some rest is more important at somewhere sitting on the green grass or on a Rock. You can feel and see the view. In life there is more important places of rest while climbing a heal or Height.!!.we can feel satisfaction by observing the height and depth of the Nature….


Thank You So much.

© Jigar Soni.

RIP to students of Surat…

Reaction of “Nature”

While I felt about nature and talk about it. I find it’s not enough for me to write with sitting on a sofa which is made by a wood from the jungle. I goes to “Girnar” where I can find myself to refresh and converse with Nature.

Our mind is always dealing with others’ mind. How we act and how they react is the only thing while we living or working with each other.. May we find a place where no ugly reactions.. !??. Yes a Nature accepts everyone whether you look good or bad? Have a perfect clothes likewise trends or not. Whether you are rich or poor.!. Nature accept each and everyone with his/her condition and who they are. Nature has the same reaction for us, for birds, animals etc..


Thank you So much. Happy SUNday.

Jigar Soni.

Wind of ‘Mind’ and ‘Nature’…


As I wrote about Light previously, today I think about “wind of mind” and “wind of nature” working together.. In everyday we only deal of our mind with mankind or a mentality with different people. How many of us goes to nature and have feel a wind of nature?.! A sound … The Light, wind, ground, water and sky… All these makes a perfect picture of “Nature” and of “US”.Thanks…


Lights everywhere…

Good Morning

Mornings are always sweet with fresh waves to your thoughts whether it is of someone’s life or Nature.Our Life is Divided by lights and darkness. We try to see things when it’s dark and we don’t have electricity. But in the morning or day we can easily see the things. Usually,we don’t understand the value of vision while we have it. Can anyone see the things without opening eyes??!. Yes… Everyone..

Just wake up in the morning and see ourselves by closing our eyes.

Knowing ourselves is a best knowledge and it is without Vision but making Vision… Thank you so much. Have a happy SUNday.


Painting is Everywhere….

Dear Readers..

When I wake up in the morning, I found a silence outside, a much pure air and perfectly sung notes by Birds. Birds are very near to nature where they sing and nature responding to them, but actually they talk or converse between each other..

Oil on canvas