Getting Offline to be On-line….

     The world has faced a lot during this pandemic. It was very difficult for those who are habituated to go out and relax by meeting friends and family.This time has taught a lot about living a life together. Everything depended a lot online. The Education, business, jobs affected and people forced to do that online. Can we add relations into it.?? Yes.. somehow… 

Painting by me..

     In the 90’s and in the early 21st century there was no internet easily available for the common man. The all over race was really comfortable and easy. Now, work has become speedy but even though we can’t’ relax from our work. Many people are having smartphones but smartness is gone now from many. Because many do not even put their head out from the screen. Likes and comments on the posts are like a matter of life and death for some smartphone users. The madness of getting likes and comments is funny to see. The father wished birthday to his children online and they got replies online.! Those husbands who show their love to their wives online and they get replies online.? This social media or online world converted to a big platform for show off. The way people express their feelings for their dear ones to show others is really untouchable. They actually depended on others’ reactions for their loveship.?!. I know many will disagree with this. But the fact is sometimes couples wish each other online and forget to wish offline.!  Connecting friends and sharing memories are always precious to see but living in the same home and wishing with lovely writings somehow sounds ridiculous.    

   The most important thing in the online world is information. We can have any useful information about the current and past.The way applications and this social networking created an impact is amazing. We should agree that it is a great gift given by science and technology. I was really surprised when I got my childhood friends through social media.     

      For the last 10 years we have been witnessing a different world with these smartphones. Everything has been so easy. People are connecting online and working there. When things are so easy for the work, the people get more busy with their work.? Those people who are always active online, avoid  meeting their friends and family because of busy schedules? They all have different reasons for everyone. Do we really feel that without this new world it would be really difficult to work or be connected before 2007.?! Now, it is like a conception about the world without the internet. But many people use it and live in an unimaginable world.  I found many couples who met offline in life, they lost their relationship due to online or social media. Even many surveys found that the level of anxiety has increased during the last 15 years.

      The big question is, do we really need this social media for our daily conversation? Working online is a necessity, but for others it has become a daily life. I know that I am posting this online to be connected with you all and writing to reduce the use of networking. Though I am not really active online, sharing something good is always my hobby..   I think online is a good medium for connecting people, the easiest way to solve problems, business, communications etc.That is only a medium that smoothing our life in a better way. That should not be a life that creates poor circumstances.   

        Some years ago, there was only one online way to connect. That is called telepathy.The things were easy and we could even work well to earn. Those feelings were also priceless when one man thinks the same way while their dear one thinks. Without any tools of communication they could transfer that natural data. Still very few believe in that and are happy to live with it. That telepathy is also a great gift by ‘Nature’ that connects Nature. Can we have that telepathy with Nature too? Let’s have a try by getting offline to be on that line..

Those moments we live with our dear ones are far better than those words written online for them.

Thank You So Much..

Jigar Soni

The Nature of Calumniate…

       Affection is the key to giving birth to every element. The thing which is not yet seen but has been creating those things which can be seen. The thought of creating something has a lot of affections built inside. It is with us and nature too. Human nature has those thoughts to create in both ways. Negative and positive. Some People have the ability to walk in a positive way with good deeds and those others make progress by running on those paths with negative mindsets. 

Painting by me…


         When I was a teenager, I was really surprised that some people often told lies about each other in their absence! It was difficult to understand how cheaply one person can tell a lie about the other person.!? Which affection is built in human nature like that.? Where would it come from?  I can’t understand why they are backbiting about each other.?! One day, I was with some friends.. Talking about the group of us and suddenly the guy started saying something bad about one guy. The other two guys got interested in it. In a few minutes they almost changed the foundation of that guy. It was strange to see that drama going there.! 

             Recently, I found a new friend. I talked to him for the first time to get some technical information. It was really nice to talk with him and I got very good information. The guy was very much supportive and we had a good chat. One person who is a friend of that guy came to know that I talked to him and that person didn’t want to build our friendship. That person told a lie about me to him. After some days I tried to contact a new friend and he has not been answering me till today. There was not any economical perspective from my end or anything like that. But, the person maligned me and he succeeded in breaking our relations. I don’t know what those poor persons have this type of abilities and what they get by doing like that.? These people who can’t build a pure relationship are running with building false relations and breaking those pure relations. We can find many people around us who do things like these very professionally. They feel smart and clever themselves..!! They enjoy doing it but they are having less self confidence inside. The way of spoiling the relations of others is a shameful act. That is  such a trivial thing that ruins our society. 

      The question should always be in front of everyone. Have we lost any true relationship by interfering of someone??!! For the self examination, on which side are we living?! Breaking the relations by traduce or believing in true relations..??! Today, traduce is such a bad manner that touring in the mind of humans. By that one can achieve much success but at the evening of the life, the breaker will be broken down.

       Earning a true Relations is much more difficult than earning a Money… So Respect those relations.. Of ours and others too.. 

Thank You so much….

©Jigar Soni

The Nature of native

     When we are born, we are born with sensations. The birth of a human means a lot for the other lives.. The nature around them and the livelihood means a lot for the new born babies. Every birth is from the abyss of the femalism.  The connection of every human being is always there with the native. 

   I grew up in a small town near my city. Whenever I go there I feel something special. Native is a place that has been connected with our innocence. Those places where you play and enjoy are always blissful. The way I played on that land is an amazing memory. The nature around that village is beautiful. The age when our vision is filled with purity is a remarkable time of our life.   It is always precious when we see nature with credulousness. Those innocent eyes can speak a lot and can converse with nature directly. Though some people may not remember you there but those trees, the dust, the sky and the horizon should have the same story with you.

Painting by Navin Soni, Bhuj-India

   Now, in this time of technology, Native and nature of native have been forgotten by many people. The children now grow up seeing the handsets of their parents and they feel the excitement by using them. The age when they need to see that greenery and the clouds and the birds sounding around trees but they habituated to touch that man made screens, speakers  and games. I think I was really lucky that I was brought up in the shadow of nature. Today, the scenario is changed and people forget to grow up like that. Those reminiscences of childhood will always be helpful in matured age to shape our life.I think many children in this era will not have an experience to tell their kids about those played moments with nature..?!!        

   Today, whenever I go to my native place, I get a different energy and joy from there. The memories with that place creates a joy inside me. I think when anyone feels upsate in their life the better place to recharge is by visiting those grown up places. Native is a place which is creating you and whenever you go, the only place which proves the journey of your life. Many of us always try to streamline our native place. They want to donate to the schools there and do many things like that. Do we ever think we look to streamline the nature of a native.?!

Our Nature.? Our land… The properties there..?! The Horizons we created inside ?!!  

      The Nature of a Native is a place like the Lap of Mother which will never get an old! 

(From last one and a half month I havnt

Thank you so much..  

(For last one and a half month I have not posted anything. It has been a difficult time to write and post something when people here lost their dear ones. Sometime unwritten words are better in these days.. RIP … to the souls we lost..)

By Jigar Soni

The Business of Emotions….

          Business…. Of what?. A product was always in imagination when I heard while studying. I was born in the 80’s. for the last 15 years, the print of emotions having been transferred from human to currency notes or the human transferred emotions to business..!!??. Really? We can say that emotions become products which can sell or buy..!

Painting by me. Copied from Artist JP Singhal from India.

          Entertainment is a good medium to run our life in a good way. But when I watch those reality shows that have less reality is useless. They are creating drama scenes with editing and people are forced to see that. During free time at night I usually surf my favourite channels. A one reality show that presents singing talents was going on and when anything about music on the corner I love to listen. There was a scene created for one contestant . One guy was a well known singer in his region but the show presented him like he was so poor to survive. The judges are praising all the contestants fluently without noticing any faults. They act like they feel the best performances that have never been there. The parents of contestants need to follow dramas. The way some singers cry is spending more time in scenes than singing. The notes those singers sing are not real but the way judges praising wrong notes is sad to watch!. The way they are praising and giving overconfidence to those new singers is a very poor thing. When it comes to the reality for those singers they actually found themselves with lack of performance and singing qualities. The same things happen in other reality shows too.!!  The show directors create a drama by showing the contestant’s poverty and they make money.. !!??? How shameful an act they do..?! When someone is poor and others earn money by showcasing them.?!

        At one day, I was watching one channel and there was a man on stage with some rhythmists. He kept that harmony in his voice of sadness and telling a story of elders and children. Somehow suddenly, his voice was broken at stage while telling a story about one mother and her son. There was a story of one mother who lived in an old age home. The programmer cried on stage, the audience cried, rhythmists cried and off course the viewers cried who were watching that channel. It was really a heart touching story about parents and children. I thought he gave a good message to the audience for taking care of their elders or parents. By the time I came to know that he usually takes 30,000 INR for those crying moments.. ?! Immediately after the programme he gets totally out of sadness.. 

       The theory of the business goes to the bottom. I think that without any drama creation the TV shows which actually a reality show can run on top and also those programmers can earn by giving good speeches without materialistic tears..!!! This situation I found when I went to one funeral of a relative. Their family arranged one singer to feel some heart touching moments. The singer sang a sad song and many people cried.. After that, when everyone was going home one man went to congratulate the singer..!! The man was appreciating the singer and told him that it was really nice..?!! The man forgets that it wasn’t a nice moment and the singer couldn’t reply at all.. !!

      Emotions are not the resource of business,they are invaluable and only can distribute…

Thank You So Much..

©Jigar Soni

The Nature of Miracles…

      Miracles.. The world is always searching for miracles and believing in it. The way people believe in that miracle world is scary. It is a fact that we are having a lot of sides in one life and the short cuts we like to have in our lives. The search for the miraculous human goes away from the realistic life. Human beings began from the normal realistic world. They never had a choice to live by shortcuts. They search for the basic needs so they never had a chance in search of miracles. Today, human beings look to modify their life with miracles and they are always going to be attracted by that. Someone wants to earn more money by miraculous way, someone wants to win by miracles, someone wants to control others by that, someone wants to steal others’ wealth and all like that.! The way towards Miracles has changed the perspective of human beings and many of them rushing there.

Painting by Artist Navin Soni, Bhuj-India

    I want to describe those families who are mad to achieve things by miracles. Those thaumaturge who attract the families who are searching to make money by shortcuts. Those thaumaturges doing miracles in front of them. Those thaumaturges who attract by using the supernatural  powers. Many monks use to attract a common man by misusing the great gift given by nature. Those clergies use that energy to expand their popularity. I heard about those real events where one monk in Gujarat was regularly performing a miracle show for their devotees. He was doing like the king where he grabbed some rupees bundles from the air in front of people and everyone doing salutations to his feet. He did it often in front of the society and grab gold chains from the air!. People rushed to obey him for the miracles.?!Many of them got mad to see that monk and they left their work to have money from that way..!  It was totally foolish to run for the person who just had the only impact to attract you? !. He attracts people by the wrong way.. Many of them use those powers which are the secrets of nature.? ! They use it because they want to attract and earn the place in those people’s lives.      

    Why people are not understanding the way where they are going has always payback and that will reflect their future life too. The excitement of finding the easy way to achieve like this is always dangerous. They don’t have an idea of living in their last days. Those monks who do like this suffer during their last days.

      Those who are believing in shortcuts like these always struggle to achieve pure wealth. They forget that every morning which they see is a big miracle of nature. Nature itself is a miracle which gives us a beautiful life. Then why do they go for the misuse of it? Society should not accept those miracle workers who cheats the Nature. I admire those workers who are happy to build their family, doing hard work, bringing basic needs and believing in Nature.

        Those persons who have nothing to attract people with their pure nature have a poor existence.  

            When you start to live a life realistically, nature will work for you like a miracle. 
Thank You so Much..

© Jigar Soni

The forms without uniforms…

        Inner Spiritual peace or the blissful in them self. These words themselves have the power to express human feelings. Those who are blissful with nature and close to nature are inspiring many of us. They love nature and their presence is loved by nature. They don’t need any dress to show others and live their life with minimum requirements. Those places where the common man is afraid to go during the days, those blissful persons have the guts to go there in dark nights.. They haven’t learned from the schools as they learn from nature. Though schools are teaching us that discipline we need in life but those are learning the discipline from nature. They know the ultimate pronunciations from nature and are very well aware about the future. 

Painting by Navin Soni, Bhuj-Gujarat

       Today I want to describe those two great blissful characters of Geer-Gujarat. The way Girnar changed my perspective about life was invaluable. During the visit of Ginar in 2010, I heard about the fearless character who is a tea seller.The hotelier sells tea right under the mountain Girnar. Girnar is covered with 36 kilometres parikrama(Orbit) route and lots of people doing parikrama(Orbit) during Diwali times. This parikrama route is covered with more dense jungle where anyone would fear to go alone there in daytimes. That tea seller does Parikrama alone every month on the dark moon’s night with only one stick and torch. He knows well about the wild life culture there on route and also knows about those monks living in the deep caves. He brings some groceries for the monks with him and he indirectly knows the shortage of the groceries to monks. He is doing these things like his duty and he feels pleasure for himself. He dedicates his life to nature. He goes around lots of stones during his every month’s journey, but he never desires to colour one stone and sit there by being a monk. His life talks about the monkful journey. The people like these are monks from their inner peace who are always in conversation with nature. 

        The other person is a strong man living in the small village of geer region. His name is Abhaybhai. Once, I went to Girnar to make drawings of it. Abhaybhai helped us to find the spots on the parikrama route. He is a brave person who loves Lions and Nature. He is unmarried and never wanted to marry because of the love he has for nature and wildlife! Though he served his mother till the end of her life. He made food for her and worked for Nature’s needs and for wildlife. He is much anticipated towards nature and animals to protect it. He lives in village Ajab where lions are often found near to his house. He waits to see them and observe their language. His knowledge about wild animals impresses the officers of the forest department. He often comes with tourists to guide them but never expects to go professionally for more money. Many times the forest department told him to join them and have some good salary but he was not interested to do it for a long time. His requirements are less but he is concerned about the requirements for Nature and wildlife.

       Both persons are really great lovers of Nature. In Geer there are many characters like these who are brave, live, lovers and are knowledgeable in their own way. Both are doing their job, connected to social life and with Nature too. They balance their life with enough earning and concern about nature and it’s needs. They don’t have any uniform to show others about their inner piece because the inner piece doesn’t achieve by dressing any cults or being a monk!! On one hand they have transactions or communications and on the other hand have benevolence.  These characters are having an experience of inner peace of them-self and of Nature too.

         Nature  has been doing benevolence without any uniform.          

© Jigar Soni

The Hacked Nature….

          This 21st century is about inventions and applications. It is a great opportunity for the students and for all to learn something through the internet. Though uses and misuses are always there in everything. Today stealing data is known like one kind of art. Someone who is familiar with computer languages from a little age gaining knowledge of hacking. Those who go with the professional ways are protecting data and the others who are not getting the right way, they are stealing data. In older times “password” was not a common word and now every child has the knowledge of that. Though now Coding is becoming compulsory in education, It is a big challenge to explain the good uses of it. It is a game of numbers.. Some are using it in the positive matter and the others using it for the negative cause. 

Painting by me…

        It is all about selfishness when one is hacking someone’s data. He wants the data to be used for himself/herself and boosting their ego by that. The data used to boost their views and Nature is being used to get productivity, profit and resources. Someone who smartly uses nature for business which is similar to stealing data. Those who smartly misuse nature or stealing the particles of nature to upgrade their position are hopeless for the future. During lock-down in the pandemic, Nature was free from this hacking but now the practical theory applies to run the normal life. Though many are living nature-friendly and also protecting its’ data.                         

       Recently, one guy hacked my social media account and I have not been able to log in to it. My all pages showing different names and I couldn’t do anything to my pages. It was frustrating somehow but after a few days, I found that those times I spent checking my accounts were useful for creations..!! I was able to spend more time on creations and I felt thanks to the hackers for it.?! It is really sad to see that chip thinking of the hacker that is dealing with my page followers..?!! He will never understand that the actual data is with me always that inspires me to create something beautiful that the world likes to see. Those datas are my inspirations and will never be hacked by anyone.He can hack my social media accounts but will never be able to hack my thoughts, my unseen library from where I write and uses those colors which is in my inner palate. Temporarily, the hacker can have some followers for his/her fake page but after all it will be useless. 

         How the way those hackers are being hacked is by their own mentality.!! They don’t have the path to move on and provide something unique to achieve followers.!!?? They hacked themselves and will never get free from it till they realise. They forget that if one person is already hacked then he will never be able to hack someone. He can hack someone’s data for sometime but eventually that generated code will give them a negative output…

        That one will never know which one will be the last code of life, till there one should generate the right code for the true success.

Thank You So Much..

© Jigar Soni

The Nature of the wealth……

         We can say that most of the questions are of the Money or for the money in the World. Whether it has been created or creating. I think it’s always having questions.. and creating more questions.. Depends on person.. Though everyone is beggar in front of god, but the way or the attitude towards god has differences. 

Painting by Navin soni, Bhuj-India

       The value of Money has decreased human-values.Not totally, but we can say somehow. In this time of pandemic during lockdown, we went to a market to buy some groceries. I was packed into my car and my wife went to the store. The poor lady with the child came close to our car-window and was begging closely. She knew that at this time we all should maintain social distancing but She didn’t follow that knowingly and by that we may be forced to give them rupees.. She was asking to have rupees to buy one biscuit packet.. Honestly, I refused to give rupees because I  know that two social groups serve food to needy people at their risk and that lady and her family is one of them. After sometime she went to the other car and the other man gave her 10 rupees. She acted like she was going to buy biscuit packets in front of that man. That man left from there and the lady sat without buying anything from the store. She smiled at me for how she fooled that other man! I was confused about what she was smiling at me ?!!   Thus, many people usually fool the other people by acquiring more  rupees than actual cost. Those who do scams for earning, who cheat someone to earn and many others those earning have dissatisfaction  lives . One dishonest billionaire who comes out from the expensive car who puts the foot directly on the footpath is poor in front of that man, who is earning on that footpath by realising true notes of music.

One day, I went to meet my friend who is living in my town.During some talks I came to know that there was a funeral in his last day. It was strange when I heard the sound of quarrelling from that house, when mother died and son shouting at his father to get the   ornaments of his mother… !! How ashamed… ??!! Why don’t’ feel ashamed of themselves.?!  .               

How the way the society that we called low to high where those some has a poison called wealth circling in the minds. I am getting disappointed when I see one son only connect to his father for the Legacy, the parents who compare their children to others’ for earning an extra money, brother who earns little less than another one in a joint family has less respected life,  one girl or boy only marry for the wealth! And everyone who trampled their relations by earnings. It doesn’t mean that the money is not important to live but it is one pillar to roll our life with sufficient applications.

       The wealth that is earned or gained by the wrong ways never gives happiness. It seems like a hue of affluence but it is actually the rust on wealth…

Thank you so much..

© Jigar Soni

Nature is an Architecture….

         For the last two and half months I have been learning something about architecture online by Harwardx. Therefore I wasn’t able to connect to my blogs. Anytime when you are gaining something you can’t be able to serve something perfectly. I have learnt some amazing fundamentals and depth about it which will remember life long. Architecture is a place of giving a place to the others. It is a great world of arranging a space for the needs. I think there is no place in the world without architecture. It is either by people or nature. The place where I am writing is an example of an architecture and the place where you are reading is an architecture. Even there is an architecture of every human being which is formless and that is hidden.   

Painting by Navin Soni, Bhuj.

     By learning I had a thought that when and where were the first architectural elements combined together? How was the need for architecture born there? The caves were the first architecture created naturally and used by acenters. Those rocks were materials to protect the humans. Nature was always Eco-friendly to humans and it created amazing compositions for them. I think that how humans were inspired to build something by observing any fallen tree trunk.? Did they realise the use of the leaves to build a roof for the protection? The roof is the oldest identity for the architecture which is still in use. It was necessary to build something in those times. But after the inventions the use of architecture applied more for the impact than basic needs. The way of architecture changed a lot during the times of Renaissance. The actual need was a home for each and then the home for the memory of a special one which we called monuments. The architecture has become the language to express something and we have been experiencing the great monuments in the world. It is the way to reflect the culture or the traditions. It gives sensuousness to the viewers which is very useful for the generations.

    Now, the architecture transformed from maximalism to minimalism. There are many  architectural places we see that touch the sky, great underground construction with casted materials. But things are going back to the mainstream where humans are seeking a pure material  which is close to nature. Nature never casts any material but it provides in a pure form to humans. Whatever humans achieve in architecture which is always short of satisfaction. Therefore the way of minimalism in architecture is being applied in the present times. The architecture from a few decades changed its way of giving sensuousness to the viewers. It produces the thought of self realization which creates a better society. I observed the few really great monuments like the peace park created in San francisco, Wang Shu’s Ningbo museum in china which built from the remains of demolished villages and Germany’s holocaust memorial. Those abstract designs have a lot to say to society. Humans need remarks by seeing the monuments for better tomorrow and that can be done by presenting Speaking Architecture. It is very important to know the human values by the way of an architecture. It gives the sense to protect human-made architecture and nature-made architecture too. 

        To view the Speaking Architecture, there should be Listening eyes.

        Architecture is never going to be eradicated, It may sometime return to its original form in future.

Happy New year to Everyone. Have a great and Healthy new year to everyone.

© Jigar Soni

The invisible Independence…..

     India…. The land of variations with People, Nature, Cities and villages. For centuries, it has been ruled by kings from different regions. Everybody had a different ruling system and it had to be followed by the people. But one community is all above from there. They did not have any relations with people or Rulers. They have been making their path individually. They don’t care about who is the leader or a ruler of the country. They are fully concerned with nature, living with spirituality, meditation and they are Independent always. They are “Digambari” Saadhus(Monks whose dresses are Directions). They don’t have any interest in the outside world. These Monks are the unique identity of India.

Painting by Navin Soni , Bhuj-Gujarat

    India has been ruled by the Britishers for many years.  People of India followed the rules and regulations. In that era these Digambari Saadhus never needed to follow any rules and regulations because they have never been attached to this world. They have been living in an inner world which is mysterious. They are living in the cavities of the Earth and don’t have any interest in showing their identity to people. Centuries and centuries gone but, they have been living with the same way and will live like that for centuries. This community looks inactive for the outer world but it’s not a fact because they continuously converse with Nature and maintain that balance in it. They know every step of Nature and manage those damages by every footsteps of Humans. They have been living in Independence because any rulers or leaders have never been able to find them. Any Power has not been able to make slaves or give freedom. Gold is like dust for them and they are free from any human compression. They left to wear apparels too, to live. They even live in the social world  like a normal human being to observe people and present mentality. Monks like these are living in the world and not only in India. They are all interconnected and India is a centre for them. My salutations to every such monk like that and India which is always independent. 

     A visible inactivity should not be observed by human compression. It has a mime performance which pronounces human activities.. 

Thank You So Much..

Happy Independence days to everyone.    

© Jigar Soni