The Nature of Calumniate…

       Affection is the key to giving birth to every element. The thing which is not yet seen but has been creating those things which can be seen. The thought of creating something has a lot of affections built inside. It is with us and nature too. Human nature has those thoughts to create in both ways. Negative and positive. Some People have the ability to walk in a positive way with good deeds and those others make progress by running on those paths with negative mindsets. 

Painting by me…


         When I was a teenager, I was really surprised that some people often told lies about each other in their absence! It was difficult to understand how cheaply one person can tell a lie about the other person.!? Which affection is built in human nature like that.? Where would it come from?  I can’t understand why they are backbiting about each other.?! One day, I was with some friends.. Talking about the group of us and suddenly the guy started saying something bad about one guy. The other two guys got interested in it. In a few minutes they almost changed the foundation of that guy. It was strange to see that drama going there.! 

             Recently, I found a new friend. I talked to him for the first time to get some technical information. It was really nice to talk with him and I got very good information. The guy was very much supportive and we had a good chat. One person who is a friend of that guy came to know that I talked to him and that person didn’t want to build our friendship. That person told a lie about me to him. After some days I tried to contact a new friend and he has not been answering me till today. There was not any economical perspective from my end or anything like that. But, the person maligned me and he succeeded in breaking our relations. I don’t know what those poor persons have this type of abilities and what they get by doing like that.? These people who can’t build a pure relationship are running with building false relations and breaking those pure relations. We can find many people around us who do things like these very professionally. They feel smart and clever themselves..!! They enjoy doing it but they are having less self confidence inside. The way of spoiling the relations of others is a shameful act. That is  such a trivial thing that ruins our society. 

      The question should always be in front of everyone. Have we lost any true relationship by interfering of someone??!! For the self examination, on which side are we living?! Breaking the relations by traduce or believing in true relations..??! Today, traduce is such a bad manner that touring in the mind of humans. By that one can achieve much success but at the evening of the life, the breaker will be broken down.

       Earning a true Relations is much more difficult than earning a Money… So Respect those relations.. Of ours and others too.. 

Thank You so much….

©Jigar Soni

4 Replies to “The Nature of Calumniate…”

  1. I know how you feel!! I have come to find the following in people:
    1. People will believe a lie before they believe truth.
    2. People will believe another person’s experience and not go experience it on their own.
    3. People will base their choice about you based on someone else’s perspective.
    4. People will smear, distort, and lie about you to another person because the people smearing, distorting and lying find that you are competition or intimidation.
    5. People very rarely have thoughts or judgment of their own.
    6. People are very popularity and politically driven. The more you have to offer to them in either financial, political or in some way convenient to them they will use you then dump you once they have achieved their need or goal.
    7. Reputation is everything be very careful who you associate with, make sure you know them and their reputation. Ask yourself is this a person you want to be associated with or representing you? Do you want this person dropping your name in certain circles. How do people see this person? Is this person credible and respectable, responsible and accountable?
    These are just my observations.
    But again I have come to find people are not capable of reaching simple standards.


  2. It’s like the word “networking ” I hate that word because is just another word for “manipulation”. You can do me a favor when I need it but don’t expect one in return. I have gotten burned this way in more ways than one.


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