The nature of an Agriculture…

Mother earth has a lot of variations in every continent. For the survival of the human being, the earth is giving  enough food sources for everyone. In simple words, earth gives us nutrition that our body(earth) needs. By agriculture, humans understood the nature of earth and humans have developed agriculture as an invention. 

    A month ago, I went to a farm with my family.  My sweet niece of three years with us. We get there by noon. My niece was really excited to see the farm. It was great to see how she looked at those plans, trees around there and that cultivated farm. By walking around there on the farm I used to talk with my niece and saw her some particles of grains. I told her that we are eating this in ‘roti'(Chapati, Tortilla). She was looking surprisingly at those particles and she touched to observe that. She was in deep thought about how these grains are really important for us to have food? She enjoyed a lot there and grabbed some fruits and seeds for home plants. It was really good to see those expressions in her eyes.


      In current times, parents are really conscious about their kids for studies. They send them to Nursery schools and feel really happy by listening to a few poems from their children. I think they should learn ‘A’ for Agriculture first rather than ‘A’ for Apple. It is good to have some learning in the early age but, kids should learn about agriculture. How sowing is done and how our farmers do hard  work to get to us. Kids need to realise how we actually get those grains by mother earth and the son of earth. Farmers has always been connected to land and sky. They know the language of land and seeds with enough water supply. They are reaping seasonally and wait for the nature’s turn. How Nature give us so many grains in return with only a few seeds? That importance should be learned prematurely and by that they will understand the nature of the earth. They learn the actual importance of our existence. Realisation of how earth is giving us those vegetables, grains, fruits and flowers without gaining a profit! In early age they understand the emotions of ‘giving’ to others. Our education system should include a subject of understanding agriculture which is as important as any other subjects. In the future, there will be a time when everyone needs to have knowledge about agriculture and have their own cultivable land. There will be a time when we have to grow and eat our own vegetables and grains.   

  The study of the language of the earth is as important as our language of conversation.

Thank you so much.

© Jigar Soni    .                   

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