An Old Rust on Nature…..

    one day, my parents used to talk about the changes of economic conditions. They talked about the prices of vegetables and other things are expensive now a days. I think, may the resources are less now or the value of money got down. Everything is on earth are valued with money and that’s why the prices goes up with less availability of that particular thing or minerals. There is rust on the resources that we created by the use and calculations. So many things which are rusted and we should have some oiling into it. Many things have changed but so many things are left to be cleared.

Painting by Navin Soni (Bhuj)

Generations and generations are gone but the rust on nature never cleared or solved.Generations are not the place to satisfy our ego. We could see the efforts when they covered them into mantle of the traditions to satisfy their ego.!! Old and older generations should be inspirations for the new generations. New generations are begin with the reflections of an old generation. ‘Some’ old people never tried to understand why this new generation have a doubts of being in relationship of marriage.??!Even they criticise new generation in many things.  What new generation actually saw in that innocent age and ‘some’ youngsters of this generation never believe in most valuable relationship called ‘marriage’.?? Lots of good changes have been made by this new generation in human societies and by that we have a new world.

It’s doesn’t mean that new generation is always right who are living and wasting their life by calling freedom and live without any care for their’s a combination of the generations which keeps a life alive.

The more rust in nature causing a more emptiness in both generations whether it’s on Nature or Human nature… Thank you so much.

© Jigar Soni  

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