Swipe the webs of our mind by the Nature

Nature is visible to everyone… But human nature is not visible by everyone. We are living with lot of expectations where we seek to find happiness everyday..  We love the roominess of nature and often goes to the place where we find that. But how about smallness of our mind?, Our nature.!?. In Nature, we never finds an entertainment,  lights, computers, internet and walls there.. our mind is actually covered with these facilities and we habituated with it and is called global World. but is it??!. No, there is a bigger world above all this, where we actually see our existence. We don’t find those corners from the wall in the Nature. We find grounds of green grass with different tones, mountains, number of trees those swinging by the wind, a composed sweet sky with birds that refresh and purify our corners of mind. It is a best medicine to achieve roominess in mind. 

Painting by me..

How many of us thinking about those webs that we created long years ago in our mind.By that, we also creating problems in our present time. Those webs effects another person which he/she can’t understand the situation.Relations or persons are not for the treat from the webs of our mind, it is to give roominess of our mind. 

Thank you so much..

©  Jigar Soni

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