Air is the first non-economic donation by nature

 Before few days, we got a courier with one oxygen plant in it that sent by one of our friends.It is a beautiful keepsake from him. We were looking at it with so much joy and we got some online information about it. We kept it on a drawing room table and tried to breathe deep to feel it.I had a thoughts that how nature is giving us the most valuable element called ‘Air’ without payment!? Today, we can feel the shortage of pure air in metro cities. Therefore, these indoor plants are used to feel a pure atmosphere at our home. 

Painting by Navin Soni(Bhuj)

Making money by blind eyes will cause a big problem for the future.This ultimate Donations from nature is the base of our life.why an owner of mills organise a trip to the hills or anywhere else in nature to have pure air.!!? By manufacturing those chemicals, materials, fabrics they make billions of  money, but may they capture those smog to use them for breathing to their home!? . An owner is responsible for the growth and manufacturing capacity of the company, but may he become responsible for the smog that coming out of the mills?! Can they use that black water in their homes..?? We can never judge how important the role of nature in our life and will not be able to have natural resources by spending money. Nature is not taken for granted,it is our first priority to prevent for the future generation.

Thank you so much

© Jigar soni    

2 Replies to “Air is the first non-economic donation by nature”

  1. Nice correlation of narcotic addiction with environmental pollution. Also thought provovoking pointing out towards garbage throwing industries.

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