helping hands better than praying hands!..

Religion(Dharma) and Destiny(Karma) are the parts of our life. A king is not the king for his presence but he becomes by his destiny. Recently, I have gone to a place of one religious community for a work.We reached there by local transport and while returning from there an elder saint offered their car to take a lift. While returning from there I found an elder saint was doing some work on canal for water source to their temple and village. There was 40 degree temperature outside. A one younger saint was with us on the car and Ac was on. A beads on his hand and memorise a name of god in mind.

Even we were looking to help and concerned about what they had to do,infect 2 men were enough there to finish that work, but a younger saint was busy with his concentration in praying to God with Beads in his hand.!?I was in question that what is right to do at that time when an elder saint was busy with working to handle a heavy pipes by some men there and his disciple was sitting in the Ac car and memorise a name of God.!!??

Thank you so much..

© Jigar Soni

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