Find a Network of Nature..

In daily life now smartphones are really useful to be connected with our family and friends.. At one time I went to Girnar jungle. A place that is heaven on earth.. By going into some depth, we found a large scale of trees covered with a sweet green flavour..we had few mobile phones with us and suddenly we found that there was no network coverage in our mobile phones. Therefore we were actually in the connection with Nature where we were. After roaming there in the jungle we forget to see the timings and could feel the darkness of night. We could not see a depth of 15 fits ahead. We had a campfire in small ground there. At once, I looked in the sky and I felt a whole universe connected with us. Sky covered with plenty of stars and planets.Which we can not see in the city-lights.


The Sky is an element of our ultimate thoughts, our dreams, reality etc. Our feet were grounded and concentration to see the sky. It was amazing.. we covered with a network of Nature at that time. Nothing to do there and nothing we could see near to us and a lot to see in the limitless view. When we are not in the network of our cellphones, we definitely in the network of refresh us and harmless.We should try to find a coverage area of Nature at least once a month.

Thank you so much.

© Jigar Soni 

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