Feel the Emotions of “Nature” without Smartphones..

 I used to be with smartphones in home or in studio. Now day’s smartphones are common and everyone even someone don’t need, they have it. Technology is good to reduce human efforts while working or being connected globally.. But how many times we find our-self without smartphones when we going out for a short trip or something like that.?!?. Recently, I found some teenagers were get to gather in the garden and I surprised to see that everyone was sitting on the bench and no one talking to each other’s and their hands on smartphone mode.!!.?  Well, If one is going out to chill sometime, have some rest to hands then why they stuck their hands with their phones..!!??!  One should feel that atmosphere of Nature that cool wind, music of wind and trees etc. That should be more important than anything else.


I really feel that smartphones are good for the work but it reduced our emotions.. Emotions of reacting observing, hearing, and focusing… Touchscreens can not increase our sensations… It’s decrease our emotions more..

Thank you so much.

© Jigar Soni

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