Love and respect to be achieved on the base of Responsibilities..

In those times when there was a lot of struggle for the old generations when our country’s power moved from monarchy(king ruling a region) to Democracy. In older times there were a lot of people believed and survived through exchange method of needs. Money was not important to survive and they lived their life sufficiently.


We all have those blank canvases to fill and make a beautiful life. For that one should take a brush, mix colours, apply on canvas and look it closely. Filling those gapes with responsibility and shouldn’t think about reward is the key to have a close relationship with nature. When we don’t think about rewards and give highlights on our responsibility, we definitely gets those rewards at the right time. Nature does it for all and never ask for it’s rights or rewards. But those gapes we create must need to fill in the future with beautiful colours and responsibilities.

Thank you so much.

Happy SUNday

© Jigar Soni

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