Value of Nature is Invaluable….

While we climb the height, the most important thing we learn is equality… Everyone is equal and has their own place.. Mostly, the one is getting more height, has been  more simple and down to earth..It is way opposite that climbing the height and being down to earth. But it is the truth.Actually we found our self very little on the heel and realize the vast world of Nature. The large area of the jungle,somewhere water, lights on the leaves has a great value which is not possible to create by us.


Painting By Me.

we can have gardens in our home, small waterfalls. But the question is that, may we satisfied by those created gardens or waterfalls.. !!??  many has potential to have big gardens and make feelings like jungles and it should has some values by spending money. May one pay or fulfil the value of Jungles or Nature?!! Without a reflection of lights in the water, It can not look precious. At one time I heard the news that India’s most talented Sportsman bought a Flat of some billion rupees that was on the top floor for sea-view, Sunrise and Sunset….!!!??

Thank you So Much.

© Jigar Soni.   

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