Human being is always Nature seeker..

Nature is pure lover of Human being. I think Nature is human lover despite the fact that we are a Nature lover. We are more Nature sicker.. who can not live without it. We often seeking to see a green color.. whether one sees from the garden in the house or in the Nature.We see the different tones of green when Sun light spots on the Nature from Sunrise to Sunset.Sunshine in the morning of our life and some deep tones(sorrow) of Nature or our life. Reality of Life…..


Painting By Navin R Soni (Bhuj)

While climbing some height of mountain Girnar I feel that a place of taking some rest is more important at somewhere sitting on the green grass or on a Rock. You can feel and see the view. In life there is more important places of rest while climbing a heal or Height.!!.we can feel satisfaction by observing the height and depth of the Nature….


Thank You So much.

© Jigar Soni.

RIP to students of Surat…

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